Watch “national ceremony” to gain insight!This new museum in Beijing is a great place to hang out with your children

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Watch “national ceremony” to gain insight, experience the Adventures of Tintin · Blue Lotus porcelain doll interactive device, decorative human tricycle……The Central Gift and Cultural Relics Management Center, which officially opened to the public more than a month ago, has become an Internet sensation.The precious “heavyweight national gift” and interactive experience device attracted many citizens to “punch in”, among which there are many visitors “with children”.”The Adventures of Tintin · Blue Lotus” porcelain doll into the grand central Gift and cultural Relics Management Center exhibition hall, came to visit the citizens in an endless stream.In the exhibition hall on the first floor, porcelain swans in glass display cases attracted the attention of many citizens.One of them reclined, the other spread wings, lifelike.Visitors to the exhibition “specially brought their children here today to learn more about the exhibition. There are so many exhibits in the exhibition hall. You can understand a period of diplomatic situation and the local customs of a country through one exhibit, which is a good place for patriotism education.Mr. Hu said.On the second floor of the children’s exhibition hall, gifts from the host diplomacy and special gifts from different countries are displayed in different continents.”The Adventures of Tintin blue Lotus” porcelain figurines and the picture-book interactive installation next to them are among the “hot” exhibits.Tintin, wearing a black melon skin cap and a blue Tang suit, stands in a traditional Chinese dragon dance porcelain vase.”I love Tintin so much,” she said excitedly, taking out her mobile phone and taking pictures around the doll. “It’s so cute and has Chinese elements.”Gift information query screen “Tintin · Blue Lotus” porcelain doll interactive device, two children are experiencing.As the boy turned the stick, page after page of the blue Lotus comic book was displayed.”It’s so kid-friendly. It’s a great way for kids to learn about history.””Said the boy’s mother.There are also a number of interactive installations in the pavilion, such as human-powered tricycles decorated with double screens.Click “Start decoration” in the screen, you can choose your favorite color and pattern for each part of the tricycle. After finishing the decoration, you can also upload the work to the display screen to check the decoration effect.In addition, there are a number of gift information query screens in the pavilion. By rotating the wristband on the screen and clicking on different countries, you can view the details of gifts and listen to voice and video introductions.Each interactive installation is equipped with sterilizing alcohol, which is carried by staff who patrol the pavilion to disinfect it.(original title: view “national ceremony” long experience!Beijing, the new museum into the doll for a walk good place) source: Beijing daily reporter client | ShiYue process editor: u025 copyright statement: text copyright owned by Beijing news group, without permission, shall not be reproduced or adapted.