Agriculture and rural big data Platform project of Yizheng City

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According to the characteristics of modern agricultural industry development and rural governance in Yizheng City, a big data center platform covering agriculture, rural areas and farmers, tea fruit, vegetables, grain, livestock and poultry breeding industry, as well as the integration chain of agricultural production, processing and sales will be built.At the same time, the project of Yizheng Agriculture and Rural Big data platform is externally connected to the “Sunong Cloud” platform and the provincial Internet of Things platform of the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and internally connected to the existing business system of the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.The big data platform is utilized to realize the organic integration of data, systems and resources, form a unified management system and coordination mechanism, promote the deep integration of information technology and modern agriculture, improve agricultural and rural production, operation and service levels, and realize the refinement, scientific and intelligent management decisions of agricultural and rural industries.2.1 Construction Content According to the principle of “top-level design, overall planning and step-by-step implementation”, the concept of new technology and new technology enabling agriculture is highlighted, and the architecture of “Yizheng Agriculture and Rural Big Data Center Platform” with “1 core, 2 guarantee, 3 theme and N application” is constructed.”1 core” : a core brain of agricultural big data.Covers cloud architecture, big data and AI computing and decision making.”2 Guarantee” : a big data standard system specification for agricultural and rural development of Yizheng City and a big data security guarantee system for agricultural and rural development of Yizheng City based on blockchain technology.”3 themes” : three data subject data repositories, namely, Yizheng Rural Ecological data repository, Yizheng Agricultural production data repository, and Yizheng Farmers’ living data repository.N Application: N application systems based on three data subject data libraries.Build “N” single-dimension big data management application systems integrating data collection, management, sharing, analysis and service, and plan, integrate, build and upgrade N agricultural and rural industry management application systems according to the requirements of “rural ecology”, “agricultural production” and “farmer’s life” and business development needs.Focusing on business opportunities, solution provision and project implementation of government informatization projects across the country, Numsay 123 has a full range of database resources, which can accurately judge the informatization needs and approximate budgets of government departments, and provide a full set of services from pre-sales consultation, plan making, sales guidance and after-sales implementation.