The daughter is furious that the 71-year-old man, who lived in her home for six years, gave her son 2.2 million yuan in demolition money

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Lao Yang, 71, moved in with his daughter six years ago to give up his house to his son.The plan was to stay temporarily until his son had a grandson and he would go back to help with the baby.Never thought, this is six years of living, the son is completely married to a daughter-in-law forgot his father, never take the initiative to call Lao Yang.Every time Lao Yang calls his son, the son calls and asks for money.Lao Yang’s monthly retirement salary is only 3,500 yuan. To avoid any criticism from his son-in-law, he gives 2,000 yuan to his daughter every month as living expenses.The remaining $1,500, with occasional injections, pills, and whatever else you buy, is barely left.So where does Lao Yang have any money for his son?In this way, the son is only listen to his wife’s words, no longer tube of his life.After his daughter-in-law gave birth to her grandson, Lao Yang once made a casual comment on the phone that he wanted to live with his son and help look after his grandson.Unexpectedly, her daughter-in-law immediately objected, saying that the child’s crying would strain Old Yang’s health, and there was no place to live at home.Lao Yang gave his son a flat with three bedrooms and two living rooms. There were three rooms in it, but his daughter-in-law didn’t want to live with her father-in-law.To Yang’s dismay, his son only listened to his wife and did not want him to live there.From then on, whenever Lao Yang mentioned his son, he became very angry and felt that he was not filial. Gradually, he stopped calling his son.As a matter of fact, Old Yang lived in his daughter’s house, and his life was very comfortable, because his daughter and son-in-law were very filial to him, asking for help every day.Every night after dinner, Lao Yang would go to the square in the community to dance and exercise.After a long time, Old Yang still has a fixed dance partner, is Teacher Li.Miss Li is not only a good dancer, but also a great calligrapher. Most of the time, Old Yang went to dance to see Miss Li write.If life goes on like this, in fact, it is not bad, at least Old Yang felt very satisfied.However, life is full of surprises, and of course this one could have been a good thing for Yang.Because Lao Yang’s old house was demolished, the demolition compensation was 2.2 million yuan, Lao Yang had worked all his life, and he had never seen so much money until he retired.After the demolition money to Lao Yang’s account, Lao Yang thought about how to share the money.At first, Yang thought of dividing the money equally between the two children, since he lived and ate at his daughter’s house.Later, it occurred to Old Yang that if his son was no longer filial, his grandson’s surname would also be Yang.No matter how filial a daughter is, she is married off, and no matter how nice her grandson is, he is not surnamed Yang. If you give money to your daughter, isn’t it equivalent to giving it to someone else’s family?Thinking of this, Yang decided to give all 2.2 million yuan to his son. He felt that he had repaid their care by giving his daughter monthly living expenses.Lao Yang also talked to some of his old friends privately and asked them whether the money should be given to his son or his daughter. They all said that the money should be given to his son, because it was the ancestral property, and if it was given to a stranger, it would be equivalent to selling the ancestral property.So Old Yang called his son and asked his son to come and pick him up. Then he told his son about the demolition money, and told him not to tell his daughter-in-law the money, but to leave it to his grandson. He also told his son not to tell his daughter, for fear that her daughter would be too paranoid.However, this matter was soon known by his daughter and son-in-law. The son-in-law was very angry and felt that Lao Yang was so biased that he would not give his daughter any money. It was really useless to treat him all these years.His daughter also complained about him. After Lao Yang replied, her daughter was so angry that she went back to her room and refused to cook dinner for him.Lao Yang could not help himself, so he cooked some dinner and went out dancing as usual, because he thought he had made a bowl of water even.When Lao Yang was halfway there, his daughter called and told him to hurry home, saying it was important.As soon as Old Yang entered the house, his daughter said to him, “Dad, I have packed all your things, now we will send you to the station, you better go to the elder brother’s home, since you have given the 2.2 million demolition money to the elder brother, I have no obligation to support.Lao Yang swore at his daughter, saying that her children had the obligation to support her. How could she send her to live with her son, especially if he was not free to live with her daughter? It was really chilling.His daughter firmly pushed him out of the door, drove him to the station, bought a ticket for him and left.When the story got out, some people felt that Yang had done the right thing and that the money should have been left to his son.Others felt that Lao Yang was too biased. His son and daughter were his own flesh and blood, so how could he not give her a cent?Some blamed Yang’s daughter for driving her 71-year-old father away, not to mention Yang’s living expenses.Some people feel excusable, after all, Lao Yang’s practice is really chilling.I still that sentence, have not been suffering from others do not advise others good, if this matter on your own, you can do indifferent?That’s right, the demolition money of old home is Lao Yang originally, who he loves to give is his power, but since he gave his son all, then don’t expect his daughter to support him.It is said that there are human feelings beyond law and reason. Since Lao Yang has done so well, it is natural not to blame his daughter for kicking him out of the house.Honey, do you think Lao Yang’s daughter did the right thing?Welcome to pay attention to @wind nest  together to discuss it!