Together with foreign friends: celebrate the year of the Tiger, welcome the Winter Olympics, send Spring Festival couplets, give gifts

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On the 27th afternoon of the 12th lunar month, the Home of Overseas Chinese of Handan Translation Association of Hebei invites famous calligraphers and foreign friends working and living in Handan to celebrate the Tiger’s New Year, welcome the Winter Olympic Games, send Spring Festival couplets and give gifts, and carry forward traditional culture and spread Chinese friendship with calligraphy art as a bridge.Participating in the activity are British Mike Li and his wife Zhang Yancong, sons Zhang Li Zhuo Lun, Zhang Li Olun, Ukrainian Valya and her husband Zhang Yan, daughter Zhang Yahan, Zhang Lihan, invited to write Spring Festival couplets is a member of the Translation Association, calligraphy enthusiasts, Handan City Shugang Road primary school vice principal Shen Jian.Shen Jian full of passion, write down “spring plum branch safflower, winter Olympics ice and snow bloom jade lei” “ice and snow hui book ambition, Chinese athletes show heroic” “four seasons meet good even, eight party treasure into the house” and other couplets, the Chinese happy event, the spirit of The Times, write into the New Year’s blessing paper, write into the journey of the new era.Valia’s eldest daughter zhang Yahan, a sixth grader at Hanguang Experimental Primary School, is also interested in learning calligraphy.The Overseas Chinese Home of the Translators Association prepared coffee, black tea, candy and melon seeds for all of us. Chinese and foreign friends gathered to praise the party, praise the prosperous times, reminisce about the past, look forward to the future and report China’s national conditions in harmony.The association also presented mascots and Spring Festival food to international friends.                                                                                                                                           Li Chengshu