Tomorrow starts a new round of rain pattern

2022-08-05 0 By

Zhuzhou Evening News (reporter/Wang Na) today is the Lantern Festival, after this festival, the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival is really over.In the rainy February, today’s weather is good, is cloudy to overcast, from tomorrow, a new round of cloudy and rainy days will come.Today coincides with the Lantern Festival, we have any activities quickly arranged.We might as well go for a walk, see the gorgeous lights in the city, listen to the fireworks in the night sky, also can add some comfort to the busy life.Recently, the whole city has been raining continuously, cold and unbearably, and from yesterday, we will enter the “seven nine days” in the cold days.There is a saying in the Song of Nine: “In seven nine rivers open, nine nine wild geese come, nine nine plus nine, cattle walk all over the land.”It basically means that after entering the Seventh and ninth days, the weather will gradually get warmer, the frozen river will gradually melt, and then the wild geese will fly back to the north after the winter.According to the arithmetic of counting nine cold days, the coldest day of this winter has passed 55 days, there are 26 days left, spring is getting closer and closer to us.Today cloudy to cloudy 5-13 ℃ tomorrow to heavy rain 7-10 ℃ the day after tomorrow light rain to cloudy 2-9 ℃ (municipal meteorological Bureau issued at 16:00 on the 14th)