Wu Zhengshi will join Kim Ji-woon in directing spider’s Nest

2022-08-05 0 By

Song Kang-ho, Lin Su-jing, Wu Zheng-shi, Jeon Yu-bin completed Kim Ji-woon (spy) directed the film “Spider’s Nest” golden cast, Song and Lin is outside the film, Wu He-quan is in the film, starting in February and June finished.Oh jeong-se decided to act in the movie based on his trust in Director Kim Ji-woon and expectations of acting with actors such as Song Kang-ho.He will appear in TV dramas such as “Home Sweet Home 2” and “Ask the Stars.”This is a destructive form and theme of innovation, 100% indoor studio shot, black and white and color with the same frame of the fun form of commercial film.Set in a movie studio, it depicts the people who make movies.It is a unique art film in the form of a drama. It tells the story of a film director with an obsessive mentality in the 1970s.Entertainment review ★2PM Hwang Chan-seong announced his marriage and pregnancy + his spouse is not an artist + JYP will not renew the contract ★ Actor Park So-dan was diagnosed with thyroid papillary cancer during a regular health checkup and has finished surgery ★ “Red sleeves” released the 10th episode still photo Lee Jun-ho;Lee Shi-young forehead Kiss super heart ~★JTBC new weekend drama “snowdrop flower” open liu Renna still as a deadly charm surgeon ★ “Alcoholic city women” confirmed to produce the second season ★ An Puxian will star in the movie “two points of date” male leading role and Lin Yun-er meet ★BIGBANG sun officially become a fatherMin Xiaolin son ★ “Sleeve red edge” ratings bright eye Lee Junhao become popular male!★ Park Hyung-sik, Han So-xi confirmed to play music theme OTT network drama “why come to my home” men and women ★ Kim Eun-sook return to + Song Hye-kyo challenge revenge determined to make Netflix original series to start shooting in January next year