For a blind guess, what is Hermione Granger’s star sign?

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Hermione Granger, born September 19, 1979.So, she’s a Virgo.In fact, if a lot of people were asked to guess Hermione’s star sign, they would probably think of Virgo first.This is because Virgos are very intelligent, have an analytical mind and are very active in academic activities.Moreover, they tend to be highly disciplined and have a keen sense of self-criticism.It’s not clear, though, whether J.K. Rowling intended the sign for Hermione Granger when she created her character, or whether it was just a coincidence.But hermione has a lot in common with Virgo in harry Potter.Virgos are intelligent, motivated and dedicated, and hermione certainly has all of these traits.Hermione is widely regarded as the most intelligent witch of her age.In addition to her high IQ, she is also very diligent.In her opinion, hard study and reading can broaden one’s horizon and mind.Although some people might criticise her for showing too much of herself, Hermione didn’t care about the “criticism”.She has been studying hard, because working hard is not to please others, but to make herself more perfect.The reason Virgos don’t care about criticism is because they are self-critical and who knows themselves better than themselves?So, negative comments from others don’t hurt them too much.Hermione, however, was very conscious of her grades.She gets upset if she doesn’t do as well as she expected on an exam.Her boggart image was — Professor McGonagall said she was failing all her exams.This is a typical Virgo personality trait.Virgos are very organized, even if they are juggling several things at once.Hermione, for example, can juggle several classes at once using a time Turner.This personality often enables her to play the role of the actual leader in the team.Hermione’s organizational and leadership skills are especially important in Deathly Hallows when the Golden Trio embarks on a quest to find the Horcruxes.Even RON had told Harry, only half-jokingly, that they wouldn’t survive two days without Hermione.Since J.K. Rowling has not told us exactly when Hermione was born, her moon and rising signs are uncertain.Given that Hermione was placed in gryffindor House, which stands for fire, we’ll assume she was born at noon, when the sun is highest.So her moon sign is Virgo.Yes, with her sun sign.Virgo is a moon sign, highly sensitive to emotions and social interactions, and understanding.This means that they are good listeners and can give helpful advice to others.Hermione, for example, often gives good advice to Harry and Ginny in the novels.But it’s a little harder to put it on yourself.Because virgo is a moon sign, people tend to hide their feelings from others and do not want to be hurt.That’s why it took RON and Hermione so long to confirm their feelings for each other, because RON’s moon sign is also virgo.Both men were slow to confess their feelings to each other.If Hermione’s moon sign is Virgo, then her rising sign is Scorpio.Scorpios are naturally charismatic and possess a strong emotional energy that makes them popular.Because they have abundant emotions, they are more likely to be attracted to people who are calm, down-to-earth and calm, which can ease their tension.This is often seen in the Harry Potter novels. When Hermione is nervous or impulsive, It is RON who shows his cool side and helps her calm down so she can make the right decision.For more exciting content, come to miaoxiao’s culture Club